issus with CcpnCourse2b tutorial

I`m a newcomer to NMR and I have to learn everything (including understanding the different experimentation).
I take this opportunity to ask question to congratulate the creators of the tutorials for the backbone assignment it`s great.
I have performed backbone assignment.
I`m now doing the side chain assignment (automatic assignment doesn`t work).
If I understood well the tutorial CcpnCourse2b allows to learn it. I try to do it but path of spectrum are not valid.I do not find the spectrum associated in the folder to do the tutorial.
So I downloaded the spectrum folder at the top of the list of exercises but it doesn`t work either.
Does anyone know where they are or how to find them?

Hi Seraphine,

It is not clear to me which software version are you using, V2 or V3? In both you can validate spectra files path.

- Go to Experiment > Spectra
- Last tab in the window will be: Data Locations
- You can edit the Absolute Path to point to the folder you downloaded.

(I am assuming you dropped the CcpnCourse2b project onto the Drop Area in V3)
- Go to Spectrum > Validate Paths... (shortcut `vp`)
- You can edit paths to point to the folder you downloaded.

I have attached screen shots as well.

Hope that helps, if you have any questions, let me know.


Thanks for the answers.
in fact I used V3. I go in validate paths but don`t find spectrum in ccpnCourse2b folder.
In any case I did not pay attention, indeed the file I downloaded is in the V2 aera.
Is there a tutorial for assigning side chains for version 3 ?
Thanks for everything.