Peak Assigner Problem

Hi everyone,

i have a problem when i try to assign my peaks with CCPN V3. There might be an obvious solution but i can`t find it...

When i assigned a peak in my PDSD spectrum and i want to identify the same residue in my NCACX or any N-C correlation spectrum, it doesn`t show me any options in the alternatives in the Peak Assigner (see screenshot).

Is there any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!



here is the screenshot

Hi Luis,

sorry not to have got back to you sooner. Pre-conference chaos here...

It seems strange that the option isn`t appearing. At first I thought it could be an issue with tolerances (have you tried `double tolerances` in the Settings?).
However, the more I delve into this, the stranger it seems. At first I was able to recreate this error with my own PDSD/NCACX spectra. When trying with proton spectra everything was as expected. But when I then went back to the carbon spectra, I could no longer re-create the problem. Aargh! All I did was close the project and open another. Perhaps that will help you, too?

Will continue to try and work out what is going on here...

Best wishes,

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for your quick help!

But it was just a little mistake from my side. I didn`t choose the right chemical shift list in the general options for the spectrum. So it was not possible for the program to know what i want :).

But maybe another question:

Is it possible to move the peak label like with the q command in CCPN V2?