Pick and Assign I do not get a crosshair


I am following your youtube tutorial on how to pick and assign 3d spectra. When I use the Pick and Assign and the NmrAtomAssigner windows I sometimes (most of the times) do not get a crosshair when the peaks are picked. What I get instead is like a triangle and the peak is not properly picked because I cannot assign anything with that type of picking. And worse, I cannot delete them, I cannot click and select this kind of triangles to delete them.

Why this is happening? I attach a picture of what I see.



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Hi Alex,
This happens because those peaks are in different planes.
To go to the plane, use the left/right buttons on the plane toolbar according to the triangle orientation you see on the peak symbol. This will move to the plane where the peak - maximum is found.

Hi Alex,
you can also set your plane count to 3 (the number next to the Z-dimension ppm value),
Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 12.30.41
You’ll then see a thicker slice of the 3D which is more likely to include the peak centre and so then you will see the full peak and be able to select it etc. without constantly having to change planes.
Best wishes,