Spectral width difference between V2/V3

Dear all,

I noticed a problem in V3, giving a wrong spectral width (24 instead of 10) for 13C dimension when loading H CO of an HNCO experiment. Exactly the same spectrum is read properly by V2 though. Is this a parameter that can be changed through python console, because it can not be directly adjusted as the referencing through properties.


Hi Panagiota,

sorry not to have got back to you sooner. Could you perhaps send us the spectrum (ccpnmr3@gmail.com) so we can take a look at what is going on here?



Dear Vicky,
I am really sorry for the late reply, I have emailed the H/CO plane from a recorded HNCO experiment, that shows the issue. I have solved it through V2 (opened spectra there, saved the project and then imported in V3), but its still unclear why spectral width is not correct in V3, and of course it would be easier if it could be changed through spectra properties.
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Hi Panagiota,

intriguingly, I found that the spectral width was 10ppm in V3, V2.4 and V2.5, but in the V2 versions the spectral width was editable. I`m not quite sure why these fields are not editable in V3 - I`ll add to the issues list that we change this. In the mean time you can run the following Macro (or bring up the console with Space-Speace and simply copy and paste this in) and it will change your spectral width:

  1. sp = project.getByPid(`SP:2rr`)
  2. sw = list(sp.spectralWidths)
  3. sw[1] = 24.0
  4. sp.spectralWidths = sw

A few things to note:
Make sure the spectrum name above is correct - here it is just 2rr but you may obviously have called it something else in your project.
If you wanted to change the spectral width in Hz rather than ppm you could you this by changing `spectralWidths` to `spectralWidthsHz`.
`sw[0]` rather than `sw[1]` would enable you to set the spectral width of the first (in this case 1H) dimension.