3.0.0 Updates!

New updates available for 3.0.0, including bug fixes, new menus for macros and tutorials.
Also included a new macro to help automate the `pick and assign` step of the backbone assignment routine and a solid state tutorial.

Coming up soon 3.0.1 with more macros and new features.

If you were unlucky enough to update at the wrong time, you may find that your update mechanism isn`t working properly: if your updates are installing with `dry-run ...` they won`t in fact install properly and then next time you check for updates the same number of updates will still need installing. In this case, unfortunately, you will have to re-install the program - sorry!

Simply remove your ccpnmr3.0.0 directory and then unpack the downloaded file again with
tar xzf ccpnmr3.0.0MacOS.tgz
unzip ccpnmr3.0.0MacOS.zip
tar xzf ccpnmr3.0.0Linux.tgz
depending on the file you downloaded.

Then run the Updates mechanism twice (currently 166 updates first time round, then close and restart the program, then 35 updates the second time round) and you`ll be all up to date!