Analysis 3.0.2 on macOS 11

I haven`t had any problems with running Analysis 3.0.2 under macOS 10.15 (Catalina) but, after upgrading to 11.0.1 (Big Sur) over the weekend, it`s stopped working. The launcher starts just fine, but when try to run Assign (or Screen, or Metabolomics) a window pops up with the error:

`PyOpenGL must be installed to run this example.`

This also occurs if I try to start assign from the command line.

Fortunately Analysis 2.5.1 runs just fine and that`s what I`m using for my projects at the moment (still waiting for a few more features to make it to v3), so this isn`t at all critical for me. But I figured I should mention this problem as it`ll probably ruin somebody`s day at some point.

Niko Loening

Hi Niko,

thanks for trying out Big Sur and pointing out this issue. Looks like Big Sur no longer has the OpenGL library and other system libraries in standard locations in the file system and instead uses a cache. Hopefully we can sort out a patch fairly soon.


Hi there, Vicky,

I am also facing the same problem in big sur, and I`m also unable to run ccpnmr 2.5.1 (it installs well but then it fails to recognize the developers and doesn`t allow me to start it). I was wondering if you guys have a timeline for when we`ll be able to use V3 in big sure. 

Thank you very much!


I`m hoping we`ll be able to sort something out next week or the week after at the latest - slightly unpredictable at the moment due to illness.

In the mean time, if you are struggling with the developer issue with V2.5.1, then you can try what we suggest for V3:
Go to System Preferences / Security & Privacy / General and select Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere. If Anywhere is not an option, open a terminal window and enter sudo spctl --master-disable and then try opening the app again via right-click / Open.
Once you have opened the program once this way, you should be okay and should be able to set you security settings back to Allow apps downloaded from App Store or App Store and identified developers.

Hopefully this will allow you to use V2. I shall once again try banging on the (virtual - would be much easier if there was a real one, but obviously not in the days of Coronavirus!) door of IT services in our attempt to get an Apple Developer licence!


In the past, I didn`t have much luck getting V2.5.1 to run by disabling and then reenabling GateKeeper (which is what Vicky suggested doing), as once GateKeeper was reenabled I`d just run into the same problems. What worked for me was to open the Terminal program and switch to whatever directory V2.5.1 is installed in. Then, enter the following command to tell GateKeeper that everything in the ccpnmr2.5.1 directory is safe to run:

sudo xattr -rd ccpnmr2.5.1

After that, V2.5.1 should (hopefully) run just fine.

A separate problem that sometimes comes up is that although V2.5.1 doesn`t use X11, it still needs access to some X11 libraries. V2.5.1 looks for these libraries in the location that XQuartz puts the X11 libraries (versus where the X11 libraries end up if you install X11 using MacPorts or HomeBrew). Consequently, XQuartz will need to be installed to run V2.5.1 even though you no longer need X11/XQuartz running when you run V2.5.1.

Hi All,

unfortunately, it looks as though this is one is out of our hands - we`re going to have to wait for a new Python update for this to be sorted.

Very sorry!


An update on this issue:

our latest download 3.0.4 includes a version that runs on BigSur, including on the new M1 Macs with the ARM processors:

Similarly, our latest 2.5.2 download should run on these systems, too:

Best wishes,