Analysis will not load in virtual machine

I have been using Analysis 3 on a virtual machine for the last couple of weeks, and it had been working well for me, but this week when I tried to start the virtual machine and load Analysis it will not load, and in terminal I get an error message:

AttributeError: module `ccpn.core.lib.Undo` has no attribute `MAXUNDOWAYPOINTS` ccpn

What might have caused this problem to appear and how could I go about fixing it. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, sorry for this unexpected error.

To fix this will be required to download the latest b5.1 again and run the updates from the Help menus (or on the terminal: change to bin `path to analysisV3` /bin, then run ./update). Please do the updates twice.  

On the virtual machine the application Icon on the desktop will be calling the old version of V3. You can replace or rename the old version.  
Please let us know if this fixed the issue.