Axis ticks and spacing

Hello! I am using CCPN Analysis 3.2 and I want to change the axis ticks and spacing to print to file and make a figure of my spectra. However, I cannot find how to do it, since the axis change automatically with the zoom. I believe that in version 2 we could change these parameters.
Thank you!


you are right that it was possible to change axis ticks and spacing in Version 2, but unfortunately, we haven’t yet implemented this in Version 3.

We are about to start changing how we handle much of our graphics, especially our SpectrumDisplays. This is so that we can speed up working with lots of strips and also enable “tiling” (being able to divide strips). So I think until that is done, we’re unlikely to implement this feature, either.

However, you can make these changes in a graphics program - that is what I used to do before Version 2 enabled this. It’s obviously not as convenient, but using the “align” functions this isn’t too painful, either. The best thing is to save your image as a .svg (scalar vector graphics) file and then open it in Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape (free at and the one I usually use).


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