Backbone assignment I don't get the >>> arrows

Hello again,

Now I am facing another “problem” with backbone assignment. The three arrows sign (>>>) that shows the tutorial does not appear in my 3D spectrum. I attach a picture. Do I need to do sth to let it appear. I’ve already double-clicked an NmrResidue and nothing happens, but the strips get done and the residue is pointed out in the hsqc, etc.

Any suggestion? Thank you a lot,


Hi Alex,

it’s the little orange arrows in boxes (either side of of NR:@-.@37 in your screenshot) – they should in theory be in the same place as the >>> arrows. Simply drop the little NmrResidue tags from the strips in the HCN_1 display onto an orange arrow in the HCN display and the program should make the link.

Best wishes,