BackboneAssignmentModule Index 0 unclickable

Good afternoon :teapot:
I am really suffering: In ‘Backbone Assignment’ module I cannot click any item with index=0 (independent of selected NmrChain, clicking is possible but nothing happens). I noticed this when trying to change directions i.e. I assigned in direction i+1, but when I stopped (due to missing a good fit neighb. AA) and tried instead to move along i-1 direction, it was simply not possible to click on any @xx-1 Sequence with index=0 in BB Assignment module (there is of course only one index=0 per NmrChain).

Additional very annoying behaviour (related or not idk): If I connect two or more NmrResidues a new NmrChain is created. But this new NmrChain (NC:#XX) does not appear in any drop-down menu (but in the sidebar it does appear instantaneously). I first have to restart the software before it appears where needed! (-> bad workaround: restarting a module is faster than restarting the whole software)

If possible please help me :smiling_face_with_tear:

Maybe I have bad news. :neutral_face:

It seems to me as if you’ve introduced bug(s) with an upgrade - btw: I first noticed them at the end of last week.

When I use a freshly downloaded version of your software (version 3.1.0; downloaded 31.10.22; md5: 094e84e385e357f69779db8abbaba5ea, both aforementioned errors do NOT appear, but if I apply the (semi-automatic) upgrade then both errors DO appear!

For now I will skip any upgrade,but also even keep the erroneous version so If anyone here has a solution, please tell me, I will try it.

The good news are there is no more urgency to solve the error(s) as the workaround is easy (reinstall) and does not introduce any drawbacks (to me)!

I’ve pushed an update to the server for both issues, so hopefully all is well again.

Great - Thank you, seems to work again! :partying_face:

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