Binary file does not exist error

Hey there!

I’m using version and I have an issue while trying to load my C-HSQC spectrum in CCPN. Specifically, when I drag the folder on the UI I get this error screen saying that binary file does not exist in the provided directory:

error message

But all binary files are included in the folder:


I only encounter this issue when trying to load C-HSQC spectra. I’m able to load other experiments obtained and processed the same way. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Your help is appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi Petros,

this seems odd. Which folder are your binary files in? They should be in the
/home/petros/Downlaods/6/pdata/1 folder.
If they are in another
subfolder, then that should be okay, too, but you would have to drag in that folder or (probably better still) the 2rr file.