Can\t open project after trying to export data


I`m working with CCPNMR2.5.2 and I just ran into a problem while exporting some shifts. I got an error message (which I forgot to save) and closed/restarted the software. When I tried to load my project, I have an error message telling me it`s impossible (there is a screenshot for this one).
I tried to open some of my other saves from earlier this week but the same error ensues...

Thanks in advance !

Hi Loic,

first thing to try: in your project directory in ccp/nmr/Nmr change the .xml file to .xml_old and then the .xml.bak to .xml and then try opening the project.

If that doesn`t work, possibly try sending us the project to and we`ll take a look.

Best wishes,

Hi Vicky, thanks for the help.

Unfortunately it didn`t work, I get another error after modifying the files extensions. (`TopObject identifier does not fit passed=indentifier: file.xml_old`)
I`ll you send the project file.

Best regards,