CCPN extremely slow on Windows


we recently installed Version 3 on a brand new Windows PC for an intern student and are facing challenge of the project running extremely slow or freezing - zoom in, opening Peak Assign, etc. Before she worked on CCPN on Linux where everything was smooth and she has imported this project into the Win. version - could that be the problem? Does she need to start project from the scratch?

Hi Adriana,

I think it is unlikely to be linked to the project as such. Or does opening the same spectra into a new project seem to make the program run faster?

Are the project and spectra stored locally, or are they accessed via a (potentially slow) network? Things like zooming could probably be affected by something like that. The project should definitely always be stored locally, as we write to it very frequently and network outages could end up corrupting the project. For the spectra this is less important, but it could still affect speed.