CCPN Online Conference Registration open

Dear All,

you can now register for our 16/17 July 2020 Online Conference - Celebrating 30 years of triple resonance assignment at:
CCPN 2020 Online Conference Registration

Registration is free and registrations from non-UK participants are welcome.
Please register with an institutional e-mail address (for security reasons, we reserve the right to disallow attendance to those without an institutional e-mail address).
Poster presenters from UK Universities/Institutes will receive a discount at the next (in-person) CCPN Conference.

Deadline for Poster Abstract Submission: 30 June 2020
Deadline if you want to select which poster discussion to take part in: 8 July 2020
Overall Registration Deadline: 13 July 2020

Thursday 16 July (UK time - BST)
14:00 Welcome - Helen Mott
14:05 Connect NMR UK Update - Christina Redfield
14:15 CCPN Project Update - Geerten Vuister
14:30 CcpNmr Software Update - Vicky Higman
15:00 CcpNmr Analysis V3 Workshops - various topics
17:00 CCPN Assembly Meeting for UK PIs
18:00 End at the latest

Friday 17 July (UK time - BST)
14:00 Interactive Online Poster Session
15:45 short break
16:00 Talk - Isabella Felli
16:45 Talk - Anja Böckmann
17:30 Talk - Ad Bax
18:30 short break
19:00 Pub Quiz Social Event (see Pub quiz - Wikipedia if you are not familiar with this part of British culture)

Platform - Hopin
We are hoping to be able to run this as an interactive conference, not just a series of webinars. We have therefore decided to host the conference using Hopin. This is a platform that will run in Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers and is like a virtual conference venue, allowing conference attendees to interact with one another as well as view plenary talks.
Prior to the conference we will make a video available explaining how to use and navigate around the site. In mean time you can see a more generic Hopin demo here: Hopin Demo Attendee Experience - YouTube.

We hope to be able to run this flexibly with participants either able to watch demos or work through a tutorial of their choice in their own time. The CCPN team will be on hand to answer questions and help out via chat, video chat and screen sharing.

Poster Session
This will be modelled on the Chamonix solid-state NMR conference poster sessions: each poster presenter will get the chance to present their poster via screen sharing and discuss it via live video chat with a group of up to 10 people. Each session will be 15 minutes long and presenters are asked to present 4 slides (one of which is the title slide) in 5 minutes, allowing 10 minutes for discussion. You may have other slides ready to show during the discussion if you so wish.
Participants will receive an abstract booklet and be able to sign up to attend the poster presentations of their choice in advance of the event.
We will be able to make posters available to view throughout the conference as private YouTube videos. If you are happy to do this, you can either create a short video screencast yourself (e.g. using Powerpoint or QuickTime) or you can send us your slides and we will turn them into a short video without sound. We will upload the videos as private videos on our CCPNmr YouTube channel, so they will only be visible to conference attendees within the conference venue and after the conference we will delete them again. Alternatively, you can place the video on your own YouTube channel and send us the link.
We reserve the right to restrict the number of posters and give priority to UK participants.

We hope to see online you in July!