CCPN project does not start up any more: gui error

I saved a project containing two 4D and a 3D spectrum, and in the saved state the 4D window was open.

When trying to open this project again, I get a fatal error - so I cannot open it. This is rather annyoing, particularly if lots of work went into the project.

Is there any way to open the project? Or at least to retrieve the chemical shift references of the spectra and the peak lists?

I attach to this message:
* the output in the shell from which I launched CCPN
* the last automatically created log file (only the last part, the whole file is too large to upload it here)
The computer is Mac OS X. 10.14, CCPN version 3.0.2.



Hi Paul,

That is quite worrying indeed. Could you zip your project (without spectra) and send it us?


Hi Paul,

I hope the project Luca fixed is now working for you.
Original project was lacking an attribute from one of the spectrum displays.

We have discussed when the errors are raised and what the consequences are for handling the projects. Of course we do not want projects to be unusable due to sometimes small issues and we are aiming to fix those problems.