CCPN workshops for September-November

Dear All,

a reminder of our in-person workshop at the Crick Institute in London in 10 days’ time for which we still have a number of spaces:

23 September 2022 – Crick Institute, London, 14:00-17:00
Following a brief introduction you will be able to work through any of our tutorials on the basics, backbone assignment, structure calculations, chemical shift perturbations, 13C-detected solid-sate assignments or macro writing with CCPN staff on hand to help out and answer questions. You can either use data provided by us or your own data.
Please sign up using our workshop registration form at Workshop Registration - CCPN
Numbers are limited to 20. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

In addition we have now also scheduled a couple of new online workshops for the autumn:

12 October 2022 – Backbone Assignment (Online)
20:00-23:00 Berlin / 19:00-22:00 London / 15:00-18:00 Rio de Janeiro / 14:00-17:00 New York / 11:00-14:00 San Francisco
Following a brief introduction and demonstration, participants will be able to work through our Backbone Assignment tutorial using either data provided by us or their own data with the CCPN team on hand to help.

30 November 2022 – NMR Exchange Format (NEF) Tools (Online)
21:00-00:00 Beijing / 18:30-21:30 New Delhi / 14:00-17:00 Berlin / 13:00-16:00 London / 10:00-13:00 Rio de Janeiro / 8:00-11:00 New York
The NMR Exchange Format (NEF) is one of two deposition formats accepted by the BMRB and PDB and is supported by an increasing number of NMR software packages, including XPLOR-NIH, CYANA and ARIA. We will provide an introduction to NEF files and their advantages, as well as showing you different uses for NEF files, how to manipulate them and how to move data between different programs with NEF.

Please register for our workshops at Workshop Registration - CCPN

We will be running the online workshop as a regular Zoom session with the opportunity to interact via typed chat, audio, video, screen sharing or breakout rooms. In the past people have also found it helpful to take part together with a local colleague in the same office so as to be able to have someone to interact and troubleshoot with more easily.