CCPNMR 2.4.2 version keeps on crashing

Hi everyone,

I am using MAC with OS catalina.
Ccpnmr 2.4 release 2 keeps on crashing after opening the project.and the terminal has this error.
/Applications/ccpnmr/bin/analysis: line 9:   597 Segmentation fault: 11  ${CCPNMR_TOP_DIR}/python2.7/bin/python2.7 -i -O ${CCPNMR_TOP_DIR}/ccpnmr2.4/python/ccpnmr/analysis/ $*

I don`t know how to solve this. Would be great if somebody could comment and help.



sorry about this. I`m afraid we`re not supporting 2.4.2 any more (though I know for many people it works well).
With Mac OS Catalina, I would recommend using version 2.5.1 which you can download at
Note that you will have to execute the
sudo xattr -rd ccpnmr2.5.1
line, in order for it to work, as we don`t have our Apple Developer Licence in place yet.

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Thanks a lot! I installed new version 2.5.1 and its working.

I have another question. I have 2-3 set of resonances (multiplets) in HSQC that belongs to one residue. How to give those peaks as same number.
example [1] and [2] peaks to be named as [1].

Thanks !


in version 2 there is no formal way to designate things as multiplets.
In theory, if you want to assign the same resonance to different peaks, you would go the Assignment Panel (shortcut a) and select the relevant resonance on from the list on the right hand side. The only problem is that the program will only list resonances that are within a specific tolerance. So if your peaks are separated by more than the tolerance, you won`t see it in the list and be able to select it. Sometimes clicking on `Double Tolerances` in the Options part of the Assignment Panel is enough to make it appear. If that doesn`t do the trick, then you`ll have to change the Tolerance for the spectrum in question: Go to Experiment / Spectra and then the Tolerances tab. Here you can change the tolerance for each of the spectrum dimensions separately. Increase it enough, and your Resonance will appear as an option in the Assignment Panel.
If your Tolerances are okay, then an alternative to using the Assignment Panel is to select both peaks and then right-click / Assignment / Propagate Assignments. Depends if you prefer using the Assignment Panel or the right-hand mouse menu!

Hope that helps and does what you are looking for.

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Thanks a lot!

While printing the spectra with labels in postscript and encaspulated postscript format the ccpnmr 2.5.1 crashes all the time.
and it gives an error in the terminal. With pdf. format it is working fine.

/Applications/ccpnmr2.5.1/bin/analysis: line 11: 735 Segmentation fault: 11 `${ANACONDA3}`/bin/python -i -O -W ignore `${ANALYSIS}` $*

Could you please tell how to solve this issue ?