Diagonal in SQ-DQ spectra


OK, so one can specify coherence order for a dimension. Is it possible to display a 2:1 diagonal for SQ-DQ spectrum?


Not yet, I’m afraid. We inserted the coherence order as part of the upgrade to 3.1 in preparation for getting this done, but it’s still languishing on the lower parts of the ToDo list at the moment (but will bump it up a bit, now I know someone is interested :wink: ). Inserting the diagonal will be easy, but making sure the mouse cursor does the right thing will be a slightly more involved.


Thank you, Vicky. I will wait eagerly. If it is easy to insert the diagonal, could it be done before the cursor behaviour is worked on (I understand this being a bit more complicated)? I just have a series of spectra where I am interested in diagonal peaks so having a diagonal (without having to go out to another program etc.) would be very useful for quick screening of the conditions.

Sure. I’ll post once it’s up on the update server.

Hi there,

just to let you know that the DQ diagonal bit is now available as part of the Updates. The mouse cross-hairs should hopefully also be doing something helpful.


Hi Vicky,

I have just tried it. Very nice at the first look. Thank you!


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