Error Loading Project: Contains no project file

Hello all,

I have been working on a project in V3 for the last few days. Today I was working on using the chemical shift mapping module. I left my desk briefly and when I returned ccpn had crashed. I had saved the project prior to using the CM module but now I am getting an error when trying to open my project (manually opening, opening through recent project, and dragging in the folder. The error and accompanying terminal message are below. It seems obvious based on the error that there just isnt a project saved within the folder. However, I have been working on this exact project from this folder for days now and have been saving it frequently. Can anyone assist me in fixing this issue? Thanks!

Error loading project: “Z:/AMO/NMR/hV1-S1S4/20220607_15N-hV1-VSLD_LPPG_BEstradiol/ccpn.ccpn” contains no project file


the best thing is probably for you to send us your project (zipped, without spectra) to and we can take a look at what is going on.

It looks as though you are working on a project on a remote disk (Z drive). This is not something we recommend. If the connection becomes at all compromised this can cause problems in the project (e.g. because something can’t be written to the project reliably). It probably won’t matter if your spectra are stored remotely (as you are only reading those and not writing to the files), but your project should ideally always be on a local disk.

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