Error Loading Project on V3.0.4 Linux/Ubuntu for NMR relaxation

Hello, I have tried to open the NMR relaxation analysis project below but I get the following error:

Error loading project: NoneType object has no attribute findFirstChemAtom

Any suggestions as to what to do?

Actually, sorry, it was a different project from this one but I can`t upload it here because the folder is too large (71.2 MB).


the project you sent, seemed to open okay. It`s difficult for us to work out what is going on without the exact project. Could you send us the affected project to and we`ll take a look? Perhaps you can send us a download link, if it`s too large to be an attachment?


I have just sent the Email, with the project, now actually.


I notice this a V2 project and the sequence seems to contain several Xxx residues. As these aren`t standard amino acids, we`ll need to find a way to get the correct residue descriptions into V3.
Will get back to you by e-mail,