Error Loading Project


I have come across an error message where I open the assignment batch file without issues but when I try to load my project, I get the error below.
Error loading project: ccp.nmr.Nmr.Shift.checkValid: resonance:
Value cannot be None: <ccp.nmr.Nmr.Shift [`default`, 1, None]>
I believe this resembles the issue #224 in the CCPNMR issue tracker however, (1) I have all of the most current updates and (2) I am not able to use their solution of finding the _ID of the problem shift because ccpnmodel/ccpncore/api/ccp/nmr/ crashes immediately upon opening. I am not sure if the .py crashing is unique to me or not. I am a novice at navigating the code of an .xml document and I cannot find the shift causing the issue without the ID of the shift. Does anyone have any experience keeping the python programs from crashing or know of another way of finding the ID of the shift causing the error? I attached my most recent log in case that helps explain what I mean.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


the best thing is probably if you send us your project to and we can take a look at this.


Will do. Thanks!


I`m receiving the exact same error and I am unable to load up my project in ccpnmr v3 anymore. I was curious if this was resolved?


We`re still working on the underlying issue that causes this problem. But we`re usually able to fix this sort of thing fairly easily if you send us the project to