Error when giving one of the spectra an experiment type

Im assigning my residues to the amino acid sequence in the sequence graph view and noticed I dont have the option of seeing in a tree view and seeing the “color-coded lines that show which NmrAtoms are linked through peaks in the your various spectra” as in the “Backbone Assignment” page here. I looked back and my CB/CAcoNH isnt assigned an experiment type and, when I go to do this in the Spectrum Properties, I get an error "AttributeError: GeneralTabobject has no attributeEDITMODE". All the other spectra are fine. Any ideas how to fix this without deleting and reloading that spectrum since, as I said, Im already pretty far in and would hate to have to redo everything. Or if thats even the problem why I dont see the colors? 

Picture attached to show the error and lack of tree and colors.


I think there are probably two separate things going on here. One is the colours not being visible in the Sequence Graph. I`ve had the same problem in some projects and not yet been able to track down what is causing this. I`ll try and investigate this again.

Separately there seems to be this problem with not being able to access your Spectrum Properties for one of your spectra. If it is otherwise behaving fine (i.e. the contours etc. are shown fine), then perhaps send us your project (without the spectra/data files) to and we`ll try and work out what is going on.

Best wishes,