Export a project with all the spectra inside

Dear ccpNMR community, 

I am trying to export a project with all the spectra inside. In the V2, it was possible to do it by ticking the ``save binary" while saving. Might someone know how to do it in the V3 ? 

Thanks in advance ! 


Currently you cannot do this from the GUI. We are aiming to add this feature in future releases.

If you have only few spectra, the quickest way could be to copy your spectra from their current location and paste them inside the project spectra directory: yourProject.ccpn -> data -> spectra

When you reopen that project, double click on each spectrum on sidebar and ammend the path. Save the project.

If this is not feasible ... we can share a macro

You can also amend all your spectrum paths in a single pop-up using Spectrum / Validated Paths (or shortcut VP).

Hello Luca, Thanks a lot for your help !

I have used your method and added all the data folder directly into the project. It is working well !