Exporting nice spectrum pdfs

I use the spectrum print to file comment to export nice images of spectra as a pdf file. However the axis of these always look terrible when the font size is greater than 12. It cuts off axis numbers and axis labels.

Any ways to fix this?

Current export parameters

A4, portrait pdf foreground black, background white, line thickness 1, strip padding 16, image dpi 300 scaling 80%. then default font, I try size 20

Many thanks,


Hmmm - this is clearly a problem and not linked to whether there is space on the page or not. I’m not quite sure how easy it is going to be to fix this, but I’ll get someone on the case.

I fear for the time being you might have to change the font sizes in a graphics package. Exporting to .svg and editing in something like Inkscape (free and very intuitive to use), CorelDraw or Illustrator is usually quite straight forward.


Thanks Vicky.

I will find alternatives for now. But yeah will be great when it’s fixed.