Exporting peak lists to XEASY/Sparky


I need to export peak lists into XEASY or Sparky format (separate lists for each 2D/3D spectrum in the project) - is there an easy way to do this?



hi Chris

export as NEF and then use NEF=Pipelines

NEF-Pipelines can be installed using the install_nef_pipelines script in the bin folder of ccpn or you can use pipx to install it cleanly without it messing up your local python ;-)

instructions are on the home page GitHub - varioustoxins/NEF-Pipelines: Nef tools

there is no support for xeasy currently but there is support for sparky

if you need more details or help let me know. It is under development, but most things work for me and there are plenty of tests so it should be good. If it isn’t don’t hesitate to get back to me (please do anyway if it works…)