Fatal error loading project (1)


CcpNmr Analysis is not able to open a saved project, probably due to an error with NmrAtom names. The program crashes with the error message `loadProject, Fatal error loading project:`

Software version: AnalysisAssign 3.0.2 (updated August 4)
OS: CentOS7

How to recreate the error:

  1. Make a new chain (e.g load a fasta file)
  2. Make a new NmrChain by cloning from the created chain
  3. Save the project
  4. Restart CcpNmr Analysis and load the project 
or follow the video tutorial for quick assignments.

The same error occurs with version 3.0.1, but not with version 3.0.0.


Dear Jarl,
Thank you for the log file.
We are investigating this error and we should push an update shortly.
We are also testing a new backup system for dealing with unexpected errors which may arise in future.

Dear Jarl,

Please update the 3.0.2 to the latest version (August `20), either from the menu help or from the bin script.
Restart the program. Your project should now reopen correctly.