Finding matched for HNCO and HNCACB

The BB assignment tutorial only describes using CA and CB matching for assignment, but if we have several experiment types, it would be better to match all simultaneously. Can you set up either multiple windows for searching, or have multiple panels in the same search window. In V2, you could have split “y” axes to let you see CA, CB and CO as separate foci in the strips.

You can obviously add your HNCO/HNCACO into the Search and Match windows and select to match by C as well as CA and CB.
But at the moment this will mean you end up with a very long Carbon chemical shift range on your Y axis. We don’t yet have “tiling” which means that you could add a horizontal separator as in V2 or the ability to use multiple windows which are set up with different Expt Types.

Adding the Tiling is very much on our ToDo list, but there are still a few other things such as speeding up the use of large numbers of Strips and bespoke arrangement of peak labels that we were intending to prioritise for the moment.