HetNOE-Dynamics Tutorial

Happy New Year!
I am trying to do the HetNOE analysis for my own data, following the tutorial we did in the workshop in November.
However, when I try to setup the input collection and copy the peak lists, ccpn is not responding. I have tried several times for different projects for T1 and the HetNOEs and every time it stacks in the loading of the peaks. Any idea why is this happening?
Thanks a lot!


I had a go with this on some other data (not the tutorial data) and don’t seem to have any problems. So it’s hard to tell what your issue is.

A few things to note, perhaps:

  • Can you get this to work on the tutorial data?
  • Make sure you have set up your SpectrumGroup with all the right spectra in it and then selected it.
  • The source peak list can be either a spectrum in the SpectrumGroup or a different one - works either way for me.
  • Are there any errors in the console?
  • The peak copying and refitting can take a couple of minutes (especially for a full T1 or T2 series), but you should get a progress bar.
  • Are you able to pick peaks in the spectra by hand? (to check there isn’t an issue with the spectra in some way)
  • I assume you are using Copy Peaks in Place? I think Follow Peaks will not place any new peaks, it will simply group existing peaks.