How can I print several spectra with the same zoom?

Dear all,
I am trying to print several spectra but keeping always the same frame. Is there a way to set numerically a zoom (ie: from 6 to 9 ppm in H and from 110 to 130 in N) in CCPNMR v3? or to print a selected zoom?
Many thanks


Dear Martí,

I’m afraid at the moment the printing is very much WYSIWYG, so you would have to set up a Spectrum Display module with all your spectra in it; then individually switch them on/off to print just that spectrum in the same frame with the same limits.
In Version 3.1 we have implemented printing with specified limits, but that is still in alpha testing with a number of things broken - will be a few more weeks before we get a beta version out for others to use, I’m afraid.