How is the possibility for the best match of the ‘i+1’ or ‘i-1’ calculated?

Hi there,
I am using your 3.0.4 version in order to be able to use the IBS Macros. I am doing backbone assignments and I am wondering how the possibility for the best match of the ‘i+1’ or ‘i-1’ is calculated, or on what the calculation is based on. I have this feeling sometimes, that the matching of my CO peaks are not influencing the prediction. Could you please explain how the calculation works? I remember that in the version 2.5 the possibility was calculated in terms of how many peaks are matching, there was a number of matching peaks given.

Thank you for the software support and the help


Hi Lukas. The CO peaks are not used by default you have to go into the options for the backbone assigner and check the appropriate option. There’s a little bug as well in that you have to uncheck and re-check this option each time you start the backbone assigner.

Hi bosmith,
thank you for your answer! I could finally get rid of this bug, but it appears to me , that the CO is not impacting the best match score much (if I uncheck it it has nearly no influence on the score), which is kind of sad for my assignment. Also I only see 6 possible stripes of the score. Is there a possibility to see the score for all residues in a table like in CCPN 2.5?

Thanks again for your help!