how to bypass "python3.1.0" verification on MacOS Big Sur

does anyone know how to bypass this?
When opening analysisassign in ccpnmr3.2.0/bin directory this pop-up stops it running.
This is on a MacOS Big Sur
Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 14.38.18

the file will have the xattr [extended attribute] attached to the file, which quarantines it because it came from thee web and will prevent it running

you will need to do the following to remove this

sudo xattr -rd <ccpn-distribution-directory>

<ccpn-distribution-directory> is the directory that contains the files and directories

DISCLAIMER.txt LICENSE.txt bat config miniconda src
LGPL.license README.txt bin doc resources tutorials

Thanks a lot. Worked a treat!

excellent ;-)