How to convert from .nef to Talos Format???

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Does anyone know how to convert from .nef to Talos format. is there a way to export to Talos format directly?

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There is no NEF to Talos conversion available, but generating dihedral restraints by Talos is a first step in Xplor-NIH structure calculation which can be set up from CCPN version 3.
You can have a look at our tutorials for AnalysisAssign v3.0.4 ( or there is much improved version for AnalysisStructure v3.1.0 (beta version, links below): Tutorials for version 3.1 - CCPN - Collaborative Computing Project for NMR

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After unpacking please run ./update script first from ‘bin’ (or bat) folder.

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OpenSUSE 15.0

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