how to export tbl cns format make H restrains in v3 ccpnmr

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In v2 ccpnmr, we can export all kinds of formats like tbl, nmrview... and also make H restrains, but i can not find them in v3 version.  How can i make them in V3? Do i need to import then v3 project into v2? or any good suggestions?

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Hi Xiao,

Version 3 doesn`t have a format converter the way that V2 does. Both the PDB and BMRB will now accept NEF files when you deposit your data. Several structure calculation programmes (e.g. CYANA, YASARA and XPLOR-NIH) are also starting to allow NEF files to be read in. Overall, the structure side of V3 is still under development, though.

Overall, the Format Converter system is being phased out in favour of all programmes using NEF files to move between them (ARIA will also been implementing NEF code, soon). This format will make sure that important information on stereospecific assignments etc. is not lost (as is currently the case).

A temporary alternative will be to use our new V2.5 (to be released soon) to read in a NEF file and then you can use the FormatConverter from there.

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