Importing V2 project for relaxation analysis, relaxation module


I have encountered some problems when importing a V2 project into the V3 version.
I want to do a relaxation analysis using the relaxation module (I am very happy that this module is now included in version 3, thanks for that). Since I started in V2 and everything is nicely prepared for the analysis there, I wanted to open this project in version 3. But now I see that the intensities are not the same as before, which means that the points e.g. in the T1 graph are not the same as in V2. The"recalculate fit" brings the values closer to the values in V2, but they are still not identical.
And calculating the rate gives a completely different result than in V2. The R1 (determined from T1 in V2) 0.30 is now 2.5 …

What went wrong there? Do you have any recommendations to improve the changes made by importing from V2? I have done many tests but somehow the program is running slow and I am running out of ideas.

Also, the program crashes when setting up collections. I have about 400 peaks.
How can I remove items from collections? The filter for items doesn’t seem to work.

I do not know how to solve this index error when I want to calculate hetNOE:
index 1 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 1

Another question is if there might be a way to import my excel files with T1, T2 and NOE values for RDSM calculation?

I am not able to calibrate spectra from peaks, I select only 2 but it says “too many peaks”. Is this an error?


Hi Iza,

Would you be able to send us your V2 project? If you email we can provide a drop file link where you could upload it.

Data are handled very differently in V3 comparing to V2, so it is possible that your V2 project import was not handled correctly.

At the moment we do not have an option to import Excel files, but we may be able to write a macro that would be able to achieve that.

Best wishes,

Thank you, I will send you the V2 project.

Regarding the macro, that would be great. We can first try the V2 fix.