invalid spectrum file paths

I worked on a CcpNmr project, assigned the spectra and saved it. After a few weeks I wanted to open it again to work on it, but now its says “detected invalid spectrum files path, please inspect file paths”. When I opened the file, only my assigned peaks were showing but no spectra. I tried to redownload ccpn, but its still not working. I also tried to open the spectra from the NMR without an assignment. What can I do about it?
Thank you very much.


Hi Vicky

nothing untoward has happened its just you have moved your spectra away from where you initially put them (or it maybe that you have moved the project file [the folder with .ccpn on the end] ). Please type VP or use the menu item Validate Paths as the dialog says and correct the path to your spectra and all should be well again…