Issues upon conversion of V2 project

Dear CCPN developers,

I have several questions, so I`ll just bundle a few of them here, if you don`t mind.
I`m running AnalysisAssign, 3.0.0, with all the current updates (99) installed. I`ve opened my v2 project and it copies it into a new v3 project as it should. I have issue #215 with 10 of my 60 spectrum file names, but I can rename them back so that`s no real problem. (Issue #222 seems to have been fixed btw: I get a warning message when I try to include a space).

I do have another problem: My spectra and the accompanying peak lists don`t align anymore. The peak positions in the peak lists are still as they were, but the spectra themselves have shifted. Something must have gone wrong wrong with the referencing, but the spectrum Dimensions settings displayed by v3 have the same values as those displayed in spectrum Referencing in v2. It sounds as if it may be similar to issue #228, but I`m not sure. At least, I can`t implement the work-around suggested for that issue, as I don`t see the `reference point` setting in the Spectrum->Dimensions tab. There is a `Referencing (points)` setting, but adjusting that from 257 to 1 (or to 0, 256 or presumably any other number) leaves the spectrum in the same wrong position and instead shifts the peak list away from its correct position into another, wrong position. 
I have this issue for all the spectra that I`ve looked at so far. 

Another problem I`ve spotted is that the aliasing appears to have been lost. Can that be recovered?

And then I also have a general question, if you`ll permit me to ask it in the same thread: Can we pop modules out into separate windows? I can`t find how to do this in v3, nor in the tutorials. For me, one of the main strengths of ccpnmr analysis is that it allowed me to make efficient use of my two monitors. Is this no longer supported?

Please let me know if you need more information! 
Thank you,

Dear Wouter,

yes, we`ve encountered this problem elsewhere as well that the spectra no longer align properly - this seems to affect some projects/spectra but not all and we`re still working on this issue. It`s a different issue to #228, but is probably related to the way in which the referencing information is passed from V2 to V3. I`m not sure there is a work-around at the moment except to add the spectra into your project again, copy of any referencing values from your V2 project by hand and then copy the peak lists from the initial spectra to the new ones you have read in (and then remove the spectra that were read in as part of the V2 project). Sorry.

I`m hopeful, that once this issue is sorted, the aliasing issue might resolve itself as well. Though you can in fact manually change the aliasing of a spectrum. Double-click on a spectrum in the sidebar to bring up the Spectrum Properties box. Go to the Dimensions tab and change the `max/min displayed aliasing` - this will add the contours into aliased regions. Hopefully this will sort you out for now, though of course this should really be happening automatically.

Popping out windows: yes, this is possible. Double-click on the purple bar of a module to pop it out and form a secondary area. You can then drag modules between the two (or even three or more...) drop areas or drag them back into the main area to remove a secondary drop area. A secondary drop area can easily be placed on a second monitor. There is some info on this on page 13 of the Beginner tutorial, but I notice that it isn`t in the `Working with Modules` video tutorial - shall make sure I add it to the text part, at the very least!


Yes same problem for me on all my ccpnmr 2.4 projects. Most spectra are shifted with respect to peaks but also the spectral width is wrong in some cases. 
So far this bug makes ccp3 useless for me for ongoing work.

The V2 import problem should now be solved if you install the latest updates.