Moving the labels of the peaks

Hello! I was wondering if the feature to move the peak labels on spectra has been recently added to the version 3 (like the shortcut “q” in version 2 to auto arrange the peak labels). I’ve seen a post like a half a year ago here with a similar question, but some time passed since then, and I hope that something may have changed… It is REALLY inconvenient not to have this feature. All my peak labels literally come on top of each unless I zoom in like crazy, and my colleagues are unhappy about this as well. I could decrease the size of the font but the size of the font should be very small so one cannot see the labels well.

Is it possible to write a user defined macro for this feature, though, in case the shortcut is still unavailable? The version 2 does not run on my PC well, so I cannot just switch to it for better convenience with the peak display, and I really want this feature to work in v3.


no we haven’t implemented this yet. I’ve just had a look at our priorities list and it is quite high up (with the comment “users love this!” :slight_smile: ) but I wouldn’t have thought work on it will start until the new year.
But thanks for being in touch - I shall try to bump this even higher up the list!