New release: 3.0.3 + updated Licence

A new version 3.0.3 is available from the software updates.

Simply update the package as shown in

Updates include:

-- General --
* Fixed several issues including:
Loading saved projects with compromised graphical items
Reading NMRStar files containing multiple chains
Validating SSL certificates
Significant speed optimisation on opening and displaying spectra
Various minor bug fixes on GUI items and core objects

* Added new features including:
New fonts for SpectrumDisplays and widgets
New context menu items and toolbar shortcuts for 1D spectrum Display
New context menu items on sidebar. Including actions for cloning SpectrumGroups and ChemicalShiftLists
New peak annotation options. Editable from Peaklist tables
New and updated html video tutorial files

-- Assign --
Backbone assignment GUI module: Corrected i-1/i+1 matching
Sequence Graph GUI module: Calculation and drawing speed optimisations
ChemicalShift Mapping GUI module: Now works with spectrumGroups and series ordering. Added a `priority-list` for NmrAtoms selections
Various minor bug fixes on GUI widgets and core algorithms

-- Screen --
New interactive scatter plot for the visualisation of multiple screening scorings
New flag system for labelling hits
New semi-automatic hit analysis tools
New shortcuts for displaying spectra from sidebar. Including spectra linked to samples and SpectrumGroups
Various minor bug fixes on pipelines widgets and core pipe algorithms

-- NEF Reader --
New graphical tools for a facilitate NEF importing
Loading PeakList from NEF file without ChemicalShiftList
Loading PeakRestrainLinks

-- Licence --
A new updated licence for Academic/Non-Profit