NMRStar Export

Hopefully this is easier than I`ve been making it but is there a way to either export an NMRStar file from CCPN V3.0.0 or convert the NEF export for submission to BMRB?

Turns out the new BMRBdep system is not totally bug free.
Submission using the old system worked perfectly fine.

Their website states: `New, significantly improved, BMRBDep deposition system.`
Okay, definitely not significantly improved if it doesn`t work. It`s only useful for wasting your time!


PS: This thread can be deleted since it doesn`t pertain to CCPN V3

Hi Gage,

sorry to have been slow to reply - holidays and grant submissions...

The BMRB should now be accepting NEF files. So you can simply export your project in NEF format and submit that file to the BMRB.