peak center (se)

Dear all,

For the analysis of my titration data, I make extensive use of the peak center option (se shortcut). However, for weak but well isolated peaks, the shortcut moves it very far, to the highest peak nearby. I guess it can be solved by restricting the maximum area of search of the `se`. Typically, my peaks are well centred, and I just use it to center it as much as possible and avoid unnecessary clicks.

Do you know where I can change that?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hi Borja,

I`m surprised by this, as I thought we had fixed this. I`ll make sure we look into this again.

I wonder, however, whether you are generally better off using RP (Refit Peaks) rather than SE (Snap to Extremum). SE will snap your peaks to `grid points` as it were, i.e. the nearest maximum in the actual data whereas RP will do a fit (Gaussian or parabolic - you can set this in your Preferences) and generally places the peaks in more suitable places to my mind. Have a try and see what you think.

Best wishes,

Thanks Vicky,

Indeed, RP works better for the purpose