Pick and Assign tool picks background peaks in TOCSY-HSQC and NOESY-HSQC

Hi all!

I’ve run into some problems with the Pick and Assign tool, where the “Restricted Pick” action picks a multitude of background peaks that is not visible unless I drastically decrease the contour level.
I’ve read a similar forum post here, but their problem seemed to stem from the fact that the data was imported from CCPN V2 while my data is taken directly from Topspin.

I’ve attached a figure showing the problem.

Have any of you experienced a similar issue and if so, how did you resolve it?

Best regards and thanks in advance!
William Pallisgaard Olsen, Ph.D student.

PS I’m working on Windows, version 3.0.4 fully updated.

Sorry - this was a fix that went wrong. This is an issue specific to reading in Bruker data.
An interim solution is to go to Spectrum Properties (double click on the spectrum in the sidebar) and then the General tab. Then set spectrum scaling to 1.0.
We’ll put something on the update server in due course.


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Thank you very much! This did the trick.