Pipelines for STD spectra processing

Hi everyone!
I installed the AnalysisScreen 3.0.4 on Centos7. I`m trying to use the pipeline to automate the elaboration the STD spectra from a library of compounds. I`m following the procedures as in your ScreenTutorial, but i`m missing some of the pipes described in the tutorial. In the pictures are shown 3 STD-related pipes (STD creator, STD effincency and STD hit and others hit finder, peak % change) but they are not present in the list of the program I installed. Am I missing some steps? Could I find somewhere the missing pipes? Do you have any suggestion to obtain a table with the % reduction of a list of peaks comparing the on- and off- resonance spectra I have for each screening compounds?
Thank you,

Hi Simone,

The STD efficiency and STD hit pipes have been removed. You can now calculated %change, efficiency and other properties from the HitAnalysis module.
We are preparing the latest tutorials on how to use this module, and will be available in few days time.