Poster Abstract Submission Deadline today!

Today is the last day for poster abstract submission for the CCPN Online Conference on 16/17 July 2020 - take this rare opportunity to present a poster this year.

Registration and Poster Abstract Submission:

Conference Webpage / Further Information:

This will be modelled on the Chamonix solid-state NMR conference round tables: each poster presenter will get the chance to present their poster via screen sharing and discuss it via live video chat with a group of up to 10 people. Each session will be 15 minutes long and presenters are asked to present 4 slides (one of which is the title slide) in 5 minutes, allowing 10 minutes for discussion. Presenters may have other slides ready to show during the discussion if they so wish. In addition to the 10 people joining the (zoom-like) live discussion on-screen, other conference participants will be able to view (but not take part in the discussion).

We will be running the poster presentations in parallel to give as many people as possible the chance to present a poster.

Conference participants will receive an abstract booklet by Friday 4 July and be able to sign up to attend the poster presentations of their choice by Thursday 9 July. The timetable for the poster presentations will be made on the basis of people`s options and we aim to publicise this by Tuesday 14 July.

Please prepare four slides (including the title slide) to present your work live in 5 minutes via screen sharing. This will be followed by a further 10 minutes of (zoom-style) online discussion with up to 10 others.

We hope to make `posters` available to view throughout the conference as private YouTube videos (these cannot be viewed by anyone, even with a link, in contrast to public or unlisted YouTube videos). We we will be asking poster presenters to follow one of four options:

1) Send us your slides (Powerpoint/Keynote) in advance. We will turn these into a video which just flicks through the slides

2) Send us slightly modified slides (Powerpoint/Keynote) in advance. Since your live presentation may contain mainly images that you speak to, you may prefer to send us a slightly modified set of slides with more text for us to turn into a video that flicks through the slides.

3) Record yourself speaking over your slides (e.g. using Powerpoint or Quicktime) and send us a .mp4 or .mov file for us to upload.

4) Record yourself speaking over your slides (e.g. using Powerpoint or Quicktime), upload it onto your own YouTube channel and send us the video ID or link.

Please send your files to