Problem importing SPARKY

Hello my name is Iñaki, I’m a PhD student, and I have this problem, that non of my advisors can help.
I’m working on a project in SPARKY and I have the assignment for the HSQC spectra of my protein, but in .list format, and whenever I tried to import the project I never get the chemical shift list of the residues. I got this type of file

Group Atom Nuc Shift SDev Assignments

A3     HN   1H    8.280  0.000      1
A3      N  15N  125.325  0.000      1
A4     HN   1H    8.031  0.000      1
A4      N  15N  123.303  0.000      1
A5     HN   1H    8.064  0.000      1
A5      N  15N  123.578  0.000      1
A6     HN   1H    8.181  0.000      1

But I have no clue how to get this to CCPN and use as chemical shift list
I hope you can help me
Thanks in advance

Hi Iñaki,

I’m slightly surprised that you don’t get the chemical shift list. I know there are some issues with correctly creating the peak lists from a Sparky Project (the mapping of dimensions doesn’t always work correctly), but I would have thought that resonances are imported okay. Analysis should basically be picking this information up from the

< resonances >
|G34|CA| 57.0098 13C
|G34|CB| 30.9539 13C
|G34|H| 8.81283 1H
|G34|N| 118.871 15N
|T56|CB| 37.0703 13C
|T56|H| 8.73104 1H
|T56|N| 118.805 15N
< end resonances >

section of the .proj file. So as long as that is looking okay, it should be imported.

If you can’t get it to work, you could send us the Sparky project (no spectra required) to and then we can take a closer look at what is going wrong here.

I certainly don’t think there is anything that can be done with the list file.


Hi Vicky thanks for the quick response my project looked like this

< resonances >
|G34|CA| 57.0098 13C
|G34|CB| 30.9539 13C
|G34|HN| 8.81283 1H
|G34|N| 118.871 15N

I erased the Ns in the H lines, but nothing changed, I will send the project to the adress that you told me
Thanks again