Problem with the spectro

“I have had an issue loading two-dimensional spectra; the spectrum points do not appear, and I see a fluctuating black/white screen. I am using Windows 11 on an HP Victus with an Nvidia graphics card and an AMD Ryzen processor.”

Hi Pablo,

we’ve had a number of people reporting issues with Version 2.5.2 on Windows 11. I wonder if there was recently an update to it which is somehow causing havoc. We’re going to have a go at doing a build on a Windows 11 computer of the next few days to see if that sorts things out.


Just to keep things updated:
There are real issues with trying to get Version 2.5.2 to compile on Windows11. There is one set of packages in particular (nmrStarLib and pyNmrStar) which seem to be causing problems. We are tying to compile it without these packages. We don’t think this should affect much of the functionality, but we will still need to check that.