Problems in V3.1


  • I just opened my V3 project with V3.1 and I realised chemical shifts were not correct. For what I’ve seen, when you import a new spectra in V3.1 the spectra has a value of 1 at Spectrum.referencePoint at each dimension keeping the good chemical shifts. While the spectra that were loaded in V3.0, once opened in V3.1 they have a value of 0 (as it used to have) but the chemical shift referencing is not good as it was in V3.0.

  • Is there a way to import chemical shift list from v2?

Many thanks


with regard to your first point, I’ll have to take a closer look at the changes we made from V3.0 to 3.1 and their ramifications. Are you using Bruker spectra? I think it could be linked to how we import and treat them and may not apply to other format types, but I’ll have to check.

As regards your second point. The easiest thing is probably to open the V2 project in V3 and then save the Chemical Shift List you are interested in as a NEF file:
File / Export / NEF and then select only the Chemical Shift List (no need to include CCPN tags, but you may well want to include ChemicalShift Orphans - see Chemical Shifts for more information about Orphaned Chemical Shifts)
Then you can import that Chemical Shift List NEF file into the V3 project that you are interested in with File / Import / NEF.

Hope that helps,


Yes, I am using Bruker spectra. Many thanks for the importation information, that’s what I was doing, but thought there might be a simpler way.

Another problem I found in V3.1 is that Cmd+P takes a lot of time to load and that I am not being able to print CCH 3D spectrum. It also takes a lot of time and only the axe is printed out (not the spectra).

On the Printing Issue:
It seems to depend on how many SpectrumDisplays and/or strips you have open. More of them slows down the opening of the print dialog. We’re working on speeding up strips at the moment anyway, so I’ll make sure we include this as part of that.

The axis issue appears to occur when you have a SpectrumDisplay with multiple strips as far as I can see. A bug which clearly needs fixing.


Actually the axis issue is specific to printing to PNG by the looks of things. So a workaround at the moment would be to print to PDF instead.

Thanks, I will try with pdf, but I was actually printing in SVG.