Project Invalid 2.5.2


I am getting attached error message. Could you please help me resolving this problem?

`Project invalid, please quit, fix, and re star. No object found with package, class, key: (`ccp.nmr.Nmr`, `DataSource`, [120,1])


Hi Amrinder,

it looks like your project has become corrupted somehow.
The first thing to try is to go into your project directory to the ccp/nmr/NMR directory. This should contain a .xml and a .xml.bak file. Try renaming the .xml to something like .xml_broken and the .xml.bak to .xml . Then have another go at trying to open the project.
If that doesn`t work, then please send us a zipped copy of the project (no need to include spectra) to and we`ll see if we can fix it.


Hi Vicky,

Thank you for your reply.

I`m able to open the project using the method you suggested by changing the file names.

Thank you very much.