Referencing HNCO and HNcaCO spectra data

Hi there

I am new to CCPN (analysis and I am having troubles incorporating my HNCO and HNcaCO experiments. I do not have matching sweep widths in the carbon dimention between these two data sets (image attached below), I am curious if there is a fix for this in CCPN or if this is an issue with the generation of the HNcaCO.ft3 data file.

Thank you kindly

Hi Tyler,

it looks to me as though the referencing in the C’ dimension is simply off in one of the spectra (most likely the pink HNcaCO). You can either fix this in NmrPipe or you can do this direct in CcpNmr Analysis.

Probably the easiest thing to do is to pick the weaker peak in the left hand “strip” in your pink HNcaCO. This should overlay with the green peak below. Select both peaks (click/drag with Ctrl/Cmd held down) and then right-click on the green one and select Calibrate Spectra from Peaks… . This will bring up a pop-up and you can select which spectrum should be the fixed one (the green one should already be selected by default) and which dimensions you want to move (probably only C’). Save and you should be done.


Hi Vicky

This worked perfectly, thank you very much for your assistance!