Relative scaling of 1D spectra

I have 1D spectra for 4 compounds that were acquired with different concentrations and on different spectrometers. I would like to overlay them and do a simple chemical shift comparison, however, two of the spectra are 100 fold more intense than the others. When I have the 1D’s overlayed, is there a way to scale down my most intense 1D spectra to match the intensity of the weaker spectra? I do not have the original compounds and am unable to re-acquire the spectra.

Thank you,

Hi Mary,

you can scale spectra interactively if you like - see Shifting Spectra Interactively.

In fact, this will just change the Spectrum Scaling factor and you can also change this manually in the Spectrum Properties dialog (double-click on the spectrum in the sidebar and go to the General tab).