Reordering spectra in a view

When I have several spectra loaded in a SpectrumDisplay is there any way to reorder the spectra tabs?
Sometimes I need to have different spectra in a highier or lower “layer” and it would be nice to quickly reorder them. I guess I could load the spectra in order in a different module but that is quite cumbersome.

Hi Józef,

not at the moment. @various_toxins was working on a new toolbar which would allow this and had a prototype running ages ago. But I think it ended up on the back burner for some reason or other. I’ll prod him and find out how much extra work it would be get this properly finished off.


Sorry - turns out I was mistaken. You can reorder the spectra: drag them in the Spectrum Toolbar with the middle-mouse button.


Excellent. Thank you. I tried left and right but did not think of trying the middle button.